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Every chapter is a part of the story with an unwritten ending

Hello and welcome to my page!

I am iMonox, also known as the former SummerWolfSpirit ! I identify myself as autochorissexual with a aromantic orientation /v\
If you want to call me by name, I go by Mon, Monox, Monny, Kely, Kelyias all over the internet and with friends!! I identify as genderflux, but you can use she/her, he/him, they/their pronouns for me!

I am a rabid anime and manga fan and I'm constantly searching for stuff I haven't watched/read in the fantasy/action category, however I loathe romance in these, so if you have any suggestions keep that in mind! <33
I have a soft spot for white haired anime boys with a tragic/troubled background story or stuff like that <3

One of my precious hobbies is gaming, and as you can see below there are multiple ways to befriend me on a console!
I love playing League, Destiny, FFXIV, Dragon Age and most of all dating games lol (but mostly only stuff like Nameless/Dandelion. Something with a REALLY good plot <33 )

Feel free to add me anywhere!

LoL: Kelyias
PokeX: 0344-9971-8643 Monmon, in game I'm Keillath
FR: iMonox
Ste: monoxdragon
PS4: Kelyias

UK Move!
€ 200 / € 900 (max)

Cause' in a life without passion there's no world to stand on

By awyadraws @ Tumblr

I think one of the kindest things you can do for yourself as an artist is to accept that you will make bad drawings sometimes and just…stop caring about it.

It’s not like that bad sketch you drew was your one and only chance to ever draw the thing. It’s so much easier emotionally to just say “lol what is that?” delete it and start over than it is to spend the next six hours crying about it.

Once you stop treating every single thing you draw as something precious and learn to just throw stuff away it takes so much stress away.

One bad drawing doesn’t make you a bad artist, or a fraud.

Even the best pro artists are gonna have moments where they draw things wrong.

You’re going to make bad drawings so just go out there and make them so you can move on with your life.

Chances are your second attempt will be better.


When showing your character folder, does it include art made by others? (as in, you give the folder with the references in it, but inside that folder is another folder with commissioned art of said character for example) 

5 deviants said Yes
5 deviants said No
1 deviant said ++ my button uvu I myself find myself a bit mehhh on wether to include it or not. It's easier organizing for me, but I don't want people to have access to (high res) art I bought even though I want to store it in the folder


So we open our eyes to have faith without all the pretending

Trades: Ask
Commissions: Closed
Commission List: Check it here!
Collabs: Ask

- TO-DO List

Garezur Custom for Drakyris
Koltherian Art Trades

Random owed:
Sheylu Shey design snakey
Zieu Art for a chara
Some goddamn gifts for amazing friends

:bulletred: Haven't gotten it yet
:bulletgreen: Got it!
Still getting art from:
[P]cozrion Flat of Avian NSFW :bulletred:
[P]Pirate-Reaper Pixel doll of Avian :bulletred:
[P]Ancallis Art slave :bulletred: :bulletgreen:

So we live for the moment; I'll spare it, forever ascending



Charles drawn by Zieu
Yokourin drawn by Azzly
Ashryn drawn by cozrion
Aleo drawn by whitepup
Quillan drawn by iMonox
Ozzy drawn by Atkanic
Serine and Yukiro drawn by Plumbeck


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Drakyris Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
D0000000D, I love your page. ;0; <33
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so many cuties on your page <3
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FlamesVoices Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Pssst!!! Hey! C: Remember how you said you wanted a Dragon Yevren~? I'm holding one for you and I wanted to see if you wanted it!
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StygianWolf Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
White haired anime boys with tragic backgrounds? Are you possibly referring to Killua Zoldyck?
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