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Ignis Korbin by iMonox Ignis Korbin by iMonox
I thought I already submitted this one...
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Ignis Korbin



Supernatural being, Eastern Dragon

Division and Branch:
Red Division, Heart Branch

Ignis is a kind guy, with a big heart. Unfortunately, that big heart of his is kinda destroyed and broken. He holds people dear to him, and would die for them, but in the past he killed someone dear to him unintentionally. He never wishes anyone harm, unless they speak ill over his partner Myth.
Once in a while, around 9 years, he gets into a RAGE mode. When he's in this state, he'll be covered in tribals for a day and be very unstable. This is also the state in which he killed his mother when he was 9 years old.
Fortunately, he knows how to somewhat control it now. He still bears the memories from when he was 9, and can't get over them. He fears he might even kill his beloved one. Although he has committed himself to a pact with Myth, that when one of them dies, the other follows.
BUT BEFORE ALL OF THAT HAPPENS, he's planning to live together with Myth in a house and /maybe/ get married to him as well C:

His boyfriend Myth, making and designing clothes, his family, his dogs, cooking, swimming

Messy things, hurting people, his R.A.G.E, People who don't consider other's feelings.

Ignis grew up secluded of human beings. His family had a house near a big Dahlia field. He grew up happily with his mother Aurelia, his father Canice and his little brother Adish.
It was on a beautiful day, the one where Adish would finally take the rite to dragon-being, that Ignis' condition worsened without reason. It happened very rarely, for a dragon of young age to get the disorder of RAGE, but it happened.
Ignis got covered with tribal tattoo's, and even before he could ask his family what was wrong, he lost control. The rest was a blur. The only thing he remembers of it, is seeing his mother lying in front of him, dying. The next days were peaceful, but quiet. Ignis hadn't spoken a word, and was just sitting in the corner. Canice, his father, took care of the funeral. Adish was simply too young to understand why his father laid his mother under the ground. It was then that Ignis grabbed his stuff, and dissapeared into the night when the others were sleeping. Every year he goes back to visit the grave and stay with his family. Although Canice doesn't hold a grudge against Ignis, Adish does. A small one though.
Ignis was born with all the power, while Adish was simply useless for the family, only being able to turn into his dragonform for a couple of hours, and even then he wasn't taller than a 6"4 human.

-His dragon form can be found at his old reference: [link]
-He has a tattoo on the back of his neck, the same one his mate Myth has beneath his eye: [link]
-more to be added-
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